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Spectral Properties Of Water Bodies Pdf Download

Spectral Properties Of Water Bodies Pdf Download


Spectral Properties Of Water Bodies Pdf Download --




















































Spectral Properties Of Water Bodies Pdf Download, andre malraux la condition humane pdf download


Cookies are required to use this site. In general, empirical relationships were settled between the spectral properties and the water quality parameters of the water body.[3] In 1974, Ritchie et al. Thesis. This means that the color of the water is influenced by the angular distribution of the light field and by the nature and quantity of the substances in the medium, in this case, water.[7] Thus, the value of this parameter will change with changes in the optical properties and concentrations of the optically active substances in the water, the inherent optical properties or IOPS.[1] The IOPS are independent from the angular distribution of light but they are dependent from the type and substances present in the medium as well.[7] For instance, the diffuse attenuation coefficient of downwelling irradiance, Kd (it is often used as an index of water clarity or ocean turbidity) is defined as an AOP, while the absorption coefficient and the scattering coefficient of the medium are defined as IOPS.[7] There are two different approaches to determine the concentration of optically active water components by the study of the spectra. Your browser doesn't accept cookies. The first approach consist of empirical algorithms based on statistical relationships and the second approach consists of analytical algorithms based on the inversion of calibrated bio-optical models.[1][7] Accurate calibration of the relationships/models used is an important condition for successful inversion on water remote sensing techniques and the determination of concentration of water quality parameters from observed spectral remote sensing data.[1] Thus, these techniques depend on their ability to record these changes in the spectral signature of light backscattered from water surface and relate these recorded changes to water quality parameters via empirical or analytical approaches. EULAKES project, water quality by remote sensing technique CoastColour project: remote sensing of the coastal zone Revamp project: Regional Validation of MERIS Chlorophyll products in North Sea Coastal Waters The Great Lakes Web Site: Michigan Tech's Large Lakes Remote Sensing program CoastWatch project International Ocean Colour Coordinating Group ESA European Space Agency activities: Observing the earth Ocean Color Web Assessing remotely sensed chlorophyll-a for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive in European perialpine lakes . Shahrokhi, editor),The University of Tennessee Space Institute, Tullahoma, Tennessee,3:5772 ^ a b Schiebe, F.R., Harrington, Jr., J.A.; Ritchie, J.C. III (F.


403 Forbidden . By the use of Optical close range devices (e.g. These first techniques measured the spectral and thermal differences in the emitted energy from water surfaces. Function[edit]. External links[edit]. This kind of empirical models are only able to use to determine water quality parameters of water bodies with similar conditions. Remote Sensing of Ocean Colour in Coastal, and Other Optically-Complex Waters. References[edit].


Thus, the chlorophyll concentration could be used as a proxy or indicator for the trophic condition of a water body. From the study of this spectrum, the concentration of optically active components of the upper layer of the water body can be concluded via specific algorithms.[1] Water quality monitoring by remote sensing and close-range instruments has obtained considerable attention since the founding of EU Water Framework Directive.[1]. Some suggestions: Go back to the last page Go to the home page .. Another visible peak is the Cyanophicocianin absorption maximum at 624 nm.[1] . ^ Ritchie, J.C.; McHenry, J.R.; Schiebe, F.R.; Wilson, R.B.(1974),The relationship of reflected solar radiation and the concentration of sediment in the surface water of reservoirs,Remote Sensing of Earth Resources Vol. ^ a b c d e f g h i Laanen, M.L. Depending of the water constituents of interest and the sensor used, different parts of the spectrum will be analysed.[3]. History[edit]. 2587a83389

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